Union Jack Patent Bet Calculator

Union Jack Patent Bet Calculator
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When betting on sports fixtures, there are a number of different betting patterns to choose from. These formats provide the chance to place stakes on multiple sports outcomes, adding more potential for the bettor to win. If you are looking for a multi-stake bet to place, the Union Jack patent bet at OddsMonkey may be an option for you to take.

This betting format is named after the design of a Union Jack flag relating to the pattern made on the betting slip by the 9 bets included in this stake. This popular bet features 9 stakes grouped into 3’s that are put together horizontally, vertically and diagonally, resulting in 8 total bets!

If you are thinking about placing a Union Jack bet, the Union Jack patent betting calculator will aid in placing the stakes in a format. The Union Jack bet calculator can help to ensure your bets are placed with the lowest possibility of losing; read on to find out more.

What is a Union Jack bet calculator?

The Union Jack bet calculator is a tool offered at OddsMonkey that can help bettors to input the correct stakes to minimise their chance of making losses in sports betting markets. Whether you are placing multiple bets on Football, Cricket, Rugby or any sports fixtures, the Union Jack patent bet calculator can aid in ensuring the chance of losing is kept to a minimum.

The Union Jack patent bet consists of 56 total combinations of bets based on 9 different selections that offer 56 ways to win! The Union Jack bet involves 24 singles, 24 doubles and 8 trebles that cover a number of potential outcomes in these fixtures providing great win potential. The trebles in Union Jack patent bets cover three outcomes, such as 3 of the chosen 9 sides winning though this bet consists of numerous trebles covering other potential outcomes. You can also find a Treble bet calculator on our site for more multiples of 3!

This tool allows the user to input the various odds that are available on their chosen bet markets and the bet stake they are going to place. This calculates the potential winnings these bet stakes offer and helps the user to base their bets on this information provided. The Union Jack patent bet calculator is vital for those looking to get the most from this popular betting format and is available here at OddsMonkey.

Who can use a Union Jack bet calculator? 

The Union Jack patent bet calculator offers space for the bettor to input the various odds available from their stakes and the bet value they are going to place. This will calculate the total potential value of these stakes and the profit that could be won by the selections made. If you are looking for a calculator to involve in your future Union Jack betting, this software is available at OddsMonkey. Alongside a great range of other bet format calculators you can use when placing stakes in the future.

If you are looking to place a Union Jack bet for the first time or are looking to implement a calculator into your future Union Jack patent betting, then OddsMonkey is the place to be. Alongside this tool, bettors can browse a range of other betting calculators and access a hive of information on sports betting methods they might not have even heard of.

Why use a Union Jack Bet Calculator? 

We have touched upon some of the many benefits of using Union Jack patent bet calculators already; there are plenty more reasons to implement this tool in your future sports betting. Betting calculators are a vital tool for many multi-stake betting methods that involve placing numerous bets on different outcomes of play. After the odds are put in the calculator, the bettor can play around with the bet stakes and see how it changes the returns on offer. 

When it comes to multi-stake bets, ensuring the right stakes are placed on each different bet is important to place the correct stakes on all markets to minimise the chance of losing. The money spent when using these bet methods can accumulate, so ensuring that you are using the correct stakes before the bet is placed can be vital. Union Jack bet calculators take the hard work away from placing these stakes, and with 56 total selections to account for, we can see why so many bettors are using them.

More Betting Calculators at OddsMonkey

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Another popular form of betting is the Heins bet, named after Heinz’s 57 varieties of sauce and the 57 different bets in this format. From singles to 6-fold stakes, the Heinz bet can get quite complicated, which is why it is important for bettors to implement the Heinz bet calculator when they are placing them. As is the case here, and with many multi-stake bets, it is possible for more than 1 selection to payout, and this calculator shows the user all possible returns they can win! Players looking to palace an even greater bet may want to check out our Super Heinz bet calculator page at OddsMonkey!

Even bettors looking to place classic bet stakes on upcoming sports fixtures can use a calculator to try out various odds before placing the bet. Our Single Bet calculator allows the user to input the odds provided by whichever sports betting site they are using and the stake they wish to place and view the potential return. There is even an Each Way bet option in this calculator, which users can use to work out the various returns based on placing in an each-way bet. There is a great variety of helpful and convenient betting calculators, along with the Union Jack patent bet calculator at OddsMonkey!