Union Jack Trixie Bet Calculator

Union Jack Trixie Bet Calculator
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Due to the dramatic changes and innovations the sports betting world has seen since its predominant shift to the online space in recent years, betting itself has only continued to evolve. The newly introduced technologies have made it possible for there to be multiple alterations to online betting, with the industry differing dramatically from the traditional bookmaker experience which many experienced bettors may be familiar with.

Mirroring the nuances online betting offers as a whole, there has been a wide variety of new betting options that have come to fruition since online betting has exploded in popularity. Every one of these new betting options has their own set of rules and unique way of functioning, allowing for sports betting to now be approached in a variety of different ways. One of the newer betting options that is now available to online sports bettors is the Union Jack Trixie Bet. Like with a lot of other new betting options, this specific variation combines numerous selections and bets into one singular wager.

In the simplest of terms, a Union Jack Trixie Bet combines two different types of bets. The first of these is a union jack bet which involves 9 different selections that are then arranged into a theoretical 3×3 grid that resembles a Union Jack flag. This specific type of bet includes various combinations such as trebles, doubles and an accumulator. The second portion of this bet is a trixie bet and this includes 3 different bets which are then divided into 3 doubles and one treble.

The Union Jack Trixie Bet takes both of these bets and combines them into one, resulting in 32 individual combinations. In total, there are 8 trixies, meaning there are 8 separate trebles and 24 different doubles. Each of the trixies are positioned on the theoretical grid we have just mentioned in vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

If this still seems complex to you, don’t worry, as at OddsMonkey we provide expertly derived insight and information in terms of sports betting, as well as housing a number of extremely beneficial betting calculators, one such being this Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator.

What is a Union Jack Trixie Bet Calculator?

In order to actually use this Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator, this simply needs a handful of inputs in order to work effectively and correctly. The overall point of using this calculator is to potentially determine any theoretical returns a Union Jack Trixie Bet could garner based on the specific pieces of information you have given it.

Beginning with the odds of each of the 9 selections, this is the first vital piece of information the Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator requires. Depending on your preferred format, this element can be input in either decimal, fractional or even American form. If you need to understand the odds provided by a bookmaker clearer, we also house an Odds Converter tool here on site as well! 

The next element needed for the Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator is the overall stake of the bet. As this bet involves 32 different combinations, the stake you input is actually multiplied 32 times in order to cover each of the sections that comprise this bet. The final piece of information needed for this calculator to work as intended is the result of each individual selection. As this type of bet primarily relates to horse racing, the result options correspond to this, allowing you to select whether or not your selection won, lost, placed, came in a dead heat or was voided due to some outside factors. Like with the Union Jack Treble Bet calculator, this calculator also offers an Each Way toggle, which could allow your bet to cover places as opposed to just wins.

Who can use a Union Jack Trixie Bet Calculator?

As you now know what exactly a Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator is and how it can be used, you might be wondering who can utilise it. Unsurprisingly, anyone remotely interested in horse racing or sports betting as a whole could use it, regardless of their level of experience. Although this particular betting option can seem complex when first stumbling across it, the Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator makes it more accessible to bettors due to its easy to understand displays. Not only this, but this calculator does not need any prior knowledge or insight in order to capitalise on its benefits, with the only essentials being the pieces of information we detailed in the section above.

In addition to its ease of use, the Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator can be a great tool for potentially identifying good value bets. Consequently, this could be used by those interested in matched betting too as this specific type of bet allows multiple selections to be chosen from the same race!

Why use a Union Jack Trixie Bet Calculator?

The Union Jack Trixie Bet calculator presents a number of benefits, with one of these being the unrivalled efficiency it can implement on your betting experience. Due to it automatically and accurately doing all the calculations in correspondence with your Union Jack Trixie Bet, this can save an immense amount of time compared to if you did all of the calculations manually. 

In addition to this, should you change any of the aspects involved in the calculator, this will manually adjust any potential returns, allowing you to gain a better insight in terms of potential outcomes, with this helping to make more informed betting decisions in general. These benefits can be specifically applied to horse racing due to this type of bet generally encompassing this market. However, if you are new to this side of sports betting, then we also offer an in-depth horse racing betting guide which details everything you may need to know in terms of these events.

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On the other hand, if you prefer to take a more strategic approach to your overall betting experience, then the Matched Betting Calculator we have on site could be the perfect solution for you. In the most simplest of terms, matched betting is the process of covering both outcomes in the same event by using different bookmakers. These bets are known as a back bet and a lay bet and refer to if a certain event will or will not occur. If you cover both of these possibilities, you could potentially lock in a certain amount of profit due to the differing odds with different bookies. By using this calculator, this could streamline this process, doing all the necessary calculations automatically for you!