Round Robin Bet Calculator

Round Robin Bet Calculator
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The Round Robin betting format is a way of placing stakes on multiple outcomes of 3 different sports fixtures to cover different outcomes of play. If this betting method sounds interesting to you, the Round Robin betting calculator can help newcomers to make sense of the various stakes included.

The Round Robin bet format is often popular with matched betting, a way of placing multiple stakes to minimise the potential of losing. This method of betting on sports fixtures covers all possible outcomes of an event, with the bet stakes high enough to ensure the worst a user can do is break even, no matter the outcome. This method of placing stakes is particularly popular with users looking to take advantage of the free bet promotional offers that so many online betting sites offer.

If you are new to matched betting and these more complex betting formats, the calculators that we offer are a great way of ensuring the best possible return is available. These tools remove the need for users to work out the bet stakes they should place and understand the various components of a bet to minimise the chance of losing.

What is a Round Robin Bet Calculator?

The Round Robin Bet Calculator can be a useful tool for bettors who want to understand the potential payouts and risks of a Round Robin Bet before placing their bets. It can also help bettors to experiment with different combinations of odds and stakes to see how they affect the potential returns and profits of the bet. Based on the different odds and bet stakes inputted by the user, the Round Robin betting calculator shows the returns available from the chosen bets. 

The Round Robin betting format consists of 3 doubles, 1 treble and 6 SSA (Single Stakes About) bets. These are usually placed based on 3 separate teams to win their fixtures or 3 markets to come true that are not related to a fixture. With all multiple-stake bets, calculating the wager to place that gives you the highest chance to profit can be quite difficult, which is where a Round Robin bet calculator can be useful. This gives users a chance to see which payouts are available from the fixtures they have chosen and input various stakes to weigh up the risk and potential. 

Who can use a Round Robin Calculator?

Those looking to use a Round Robin Bet calculator on stakes in the future will find this available at OddsMonkey. The calculator software is a great way of ensuring you fully understand the potential returns available and the different bets required for a Round Robin stake. 

Anyone can use the Round Robin calculator at OddsMonkey though those trying to get the most from future betting should make an account to access all the features on site. As well as all of the different matched betting calculators that we offer, there are plenty more useful tools and guides available to help users make the most of bet stakes in the future. 

Why use a Round Robin Calculator? 

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using a Round Robin bet calculator, such as automatically doing the maths involved in these bets and trying out different stakes before you place a bet. When it comes to large bets with multiple markets involved, it is important to ensure that the maths is done correctly so that you have a lower chance of losing. The Round Robin bet calculator can help ensure that players know exactly what they should place on each of the bets included before they actually place them. 

Another advantage of a Round Robin bet calculator is being able to see the different potential payouts that correspond to different stakes. This allows the user to weigh up how much they would like to stake before placing the bet by viewing the potential returns. Placing multiple bets on a single site can cause the odds included to fluctuate, so many people use various sites for a single Round Robin bet which keeps the odds included the same.

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As mentioned, there is a great variety of betting calculators available to use at OddsMonkey, for many of the popular multiple bets that are used on sports fixtures. All of these calculators require the user to input the odds of certain game outcomes and the stakes they are willing to place on these bets. Whether you are looking to minimise your chances of losing any funds or using promotional bet credits to maximise potential profits, these systems are very useful.

The Matched Betting calculator is a very popular tool due to the increased use of Matched Betting on sports fixtures. Here you can input the odds of both the Back and Lay bet as well as your Back stake to find out the required Lay bet stake that minimises the chance of losing funds. For more info on this method of betting, check out our Matched Betting Guide at OddsMonkey.

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If you are looking to try out any popular sports betting formats for the first time, check out the range of bet calculators available to use at OddsMonkey. Along with ensuring the user is placing the best stake in sports bets, these calculators can help users to understand further the betting format they are using. Whether you want to minimise your chance of losing funds or make the most of promotional offers at online sports  betting websites, a bet calculator can help the overall process.