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Flag Bet Calculator
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When it comes to placing bets on sporting events, there are now more betting options than ever before to potentially select between. Whether it is multi-fold accumulators or just the traditional single bets, there is a whole host of things to choose from. However, following the bookmakers shift to an online space, there are now a whole host of more experimental and complex betting options, one of these being the Flag bet. However, if you are unfamiliar with this type of bet, we will be breaking down everything there is to know when regarding Flag bets as well as highlighting the Flag Bet Calculator we have here at OddsMonkey!

What is a Flag Bet Calculator?

Although you may be familiar with the term, we will explain exactly what a Flag Bet is. Put in the most simplest of terms, a Flag bet is a type of sports betting wager that involves 4 different selections or legs. However, instead of these being placed into a regular accumulator bet, these are arranged into 23 individual bets, consisting of 6 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one 4-fold accumulator.

The selections for the Flag bet can span across the whole breadth of sporting events that are available to bettors, ranging from football all the way to horse racing. If the latter interests you, we even have a horse racing betting guide here on site. These bets could be outrights, over/under, or even player-focused. However, unlike a regular accumulator, not all of these selections are required to win in order to potentially see some returns. This is because there are multiple different combinations of selections within the respective Flag bet, meaning that if one selection loses, and the others win, you could still garner some return due to the various different combination bets. 

Despite all of this, these Flag bets can still be complex when it comes to working out odds and potential returns. Not to worry though, as this is where the Flag bet calculator can come in to help. All that is required for this calculator is the odds of each selection, the desired stake of the Flag bet and the outcomes of each individual bet. This could help gauge the overall potential returns for the bet, taking into consideration all of the information you have given it.

Why use a Flag Bet Calculator

Although the function of the Flag bet calculator is clear, it can also present a whole host of other benefits should you choose to use it. As previously mentioned, this offers ease of use, and in both the long and short term, the Flag bet calculator could save immense amounts of both time and effort. Not only does it do these complex calculations quickly, but it also ensures accuracy when it comes to the calculations, negating any potential human error. 

Additionally, the Flag bet calculator could provide flexibility to your bets, as you can easily adjust different pieces of information in order to see how potential returns are affected. On top of this, the Flag bet calculator can also be a great tool in terms of identifying good value bets.

Who can use the Flag Bet Calculator?

Now that you are familiar with all of the benefits the Flag bet calculator could present, you may be considering who exactly can use this betting tool. Truthfully, anyone who is generally interested in sports betting could use this tool and utilise its significant positives.

Beginners who are new to the world of sports betting or those who feel they are a little inexperienced could find the Flag bet calculator especially beneficial. If you are unfamiliar with odds, especially when being combined in a Flag bet, this betting calculator can help determine potential returns, negating the lengthy process of calculating these for yourself. 

Despite it being extremely useful for beginners, this Flag bet calculator can also be useful to more experienced bettors too! As this type of bet can involve complex calculations, the calculator takes care of this and can allow you to make some more informed betting decisions. What’s more, it could help you adjust your stakes accordingly as well as identifying whether or not the selections you have chosen are good value. Consequently, this betting calculator could be utilised by bettors interested in matched betting too!

More Betting Calculators at OddsMonkey

Despite the Flag bet calculator posing numerous different benefits when it comes to your general betting experience, this is not the only betting calculator which you could utilise. At OddsMonkey, we have a whole host of alternative betting calculators you could potentially use, each which corresponds to a different betting option. 

One of the most popular betting calculators we have on site is the accumulator bet calculator. Accumulators are arguably one of the most popular betting forms, with these types of bets encompassing multiple different legs and selections in a singular betting slip. Due to there being a number of legs the bet is dependent upon, these bets typically have larger odds the more selections are added to the accumulators. By using the accumulator calculator, this can help determine any potential payouts quickly and easily, only requiring a handful of aspects. 

However, if you wish to make the most out of the promotions and offers many bookmakers and online sites frequently offer, then maybe the matched betting calculator could be a better option for you. In the simplest of terms, matched betting is the process of covering all outcomes of a sporting event by using free bets in order to lock in guaranteed profit. Here at OddsMonkey, we specialise in matched betting and by using the calculator, not only can this help minimise the time it takes to calculate stakes, but it can also potentially help you identify some valuable bets!