Average Odds Calculator

In the world of online sports betting, one of the biggest problems people face is calculating the odds and how adding other selections could affect the total odds of a bet. One of the best things to do is use a betting odds calculator, although these come in many different formats, all of which help you calculate different types of bets and different outcomes. The average odds calculator at OddsMonkey is designed with ease of use and value to bettors in mind.

This specific average odds calculator is good for figuring out what your average odds are when you add new selections to a bet, as well as figuring out the total stake between each of the bet markets. This is especially useful when you are using free bets on some selections and real money on others. You are able to figure out the margin between the two bets and see what the average odds are so you can figure out how to divide your total stake in the most efficient way.

What Is An Average Odds Calculator?

As previously explained, an average odds calculator is a type of digital calculator that takes input from a user and works out both the total stake and the average odds. If you are unfamiliar with the maths used to find an average, the calculator will add up all of the odds - in decimal format - and then divide them by the number of stakes entered. Opting to use this average odds calculator from OddsMonkey will greatly improve your experience when trying to find out the average odds of a selection of bets - save yourself the hassle of doing the calculations manually.

How To Use An Average Odds Calculator

If you are betting to try and make money online, then one of the best ways to ensure you are aware of the cost and risk is to use a betting calculator like the average odds calculator. This calculator is especially good if you are placing wagers using a free bet on one selection or something like an accumulator where one selection can be frozen. You can work out how to evenly divide your stake in order to cover all bets at the same odds, by their average.

Why To Use An Average Odds Calculator

We have addressed a few of the main positives of choosing to use an average odds calculator here. These could include the reduction of difficulty when compared to doing manual calculations, as well as the informational results it can give you in relation to your bets. Other benefits of using the OddsMonkey average odds calculator include the fact it can be easily combined with other pieces of our software or other calculators.

As an example, you could prefer viewing your odds in fractional values, which is quite common for many sports bettors. As the average odds calculator takes odds in the decimal format, you could first use our odds converter tool to turn your fractional odds into decimals and then use these values in the calculator before using the converter to turn these odds back into the decimal display.

Who Can Use An Average Odds Calculator

In essence, anyone can use the average odds calculator on OddsMonkey, as it is designed to be as easy as possible to pick up and start using. The layout is as easy as clicking into the input boxes and typing the desired values, then hitting the ‘Calculate’ button to see your result.

All of the betting calculators on our page are designed to be simplistic to use but detailed in results. All the way from this average odds calculator to the more complex matched betting calculator, our software is simple, and anyone can use it with a little bit of practice! If you are yet to test out the matched betting calculator or are now wondering, ‘What is matched betting?’ then you’ve come to the right place. The quick summary is that matched betting is the process of backing both sides of an outcome whilst utilising free bets to lock in a small profit.

More Betting Calculators At OddsMonkey

It’s not only sports betting that we offer calculators for at OddsMonkey. We also offer calculators such as the Blackjack strategy calculator, which is used by blackjack players and tells you what the most ideal next move would be based on your own cards and the dealer’s visible card. This calculator, along with others like the Accumulator calculator, is incredibly useful and can be used by absolutely anyone and everyone.

There is a huge range and variety of betting calculators on the OddsMonkey site, so have a browse through them and see which one matches your requirements. If you get stuck using one of them, read the content underneath, much like this piece for the average odds calculator.