Union Jack Treble Bet Calculator

Union Jack Treble Bet Calculator
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For many years now, the sports betting world has seen a number of considerable innovations and changes, and this can be attributed to the overwhelming shift towards online sites and spaces. As a result of this, betting itself has continued to evolve thanks to the advancements in technology that can now be applied to this industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are now a long stretch away from the limited betting options that once dominated bookmakers.

Newer and more extensive betting markets and options continue to spring up nowadays, each of which has its own unique way of operating and set of corresponding rules. One such betting option that has been birthed as a result of developments is the Union Jack Treble Bet. This falls amongst the numerous types of combination bets that are now available as it combines numerous different bets and selections into one singular bet.

Put in the easiest way possible, a Union Jack Treble Bet is a wager that typically relates to horse racing events. These bets consist of 9 individual selections which span across 3 different horse races. However, unlike a regular accumulator, this type of bet divides selections into a number of different combinations. These include 8 trebles, 3 doubles and one 9-fold accumulator, resulting in 12 total bets.

In order to understand how the Union Jack Treble Bet gets its name, it is probably valuable to know how your 9 different selections are arranged. Each of the options you select are laid out in a theoretical 3×3 grid, with this resembling a Union Jack flag coincidentally. Each column and row has three horses in it each, and by using this theoretical grid arrangement, the 12 different bets are selected.

If this seems complicated, this is because these bets can actually be quite complex if you are not a seasoned sports bettor. However, not to worry as we here at OddsMonkey can provide a whole bunch of additional expert information as well as an extremely beneficial Union Jack Treble Bet calculator, something which we will be fully detailing for you shortly.

What is a Union Jack Treble Bet Calculator? 

When it comes to the Union Jack Treble Bet calculator, this only requires a number of inputs in order to work as intended. The main aim of this calculator is to determine any potential returns in reference to a Union Jack Treble Bet. 

The first of these pieces of information is the odds of each of the 9 selections. This can either be input in fractional, decimal or American odds, depending on your preferences. The second aspect required for this calculator to work accurately is the result of each selection. As this bet primarily relates to horse racing, there is an option to place this bet as an each way bet. Consequently, the options for results can either refer to if a horse won, placed, lost, came in a dead heat or was voided due to some external factors. Depending on the results of each section, this can alter the potential returns. The final piece of information required for this Union Jack Treble Bet calculator is the stake of each selection. However, as this bet includes multiple selections and combinations, the initial stake you input is actually multiplied 8 fold. Therefore, it may be worth taking into consideration that these bets differ from standard accumulators. If accumulator bets are more your preference though, we also offer an Accumulator Betting Calculator, offering the same ease of use!

Who can use a Union Jack Treble Bet Calculator?

As you are now likely familiar with what a Union Jack Treble Bet is and how a Union Jack Treble Bet calculator can work, you may be considering who exactly can use one of these. The simple answer; is anyone interested in the world of sports betting. Despite this bet seeming somewhat complex at a first glance, the ease of the calculator means it is accessible to both new bettors and more experienced ones. This Union Jack Treble Bet calculator does not require any prior insight or knowledge in order to utilise fully, with the only essential thing being the aspects of the bet you may wish to place. 

Moreover, the Union Jack Treble Bet calculator does not exclude people interested in matched betting. This tool can be used by those wishing to identify good value bets and offers the possibility to choose multiple selections from a singular race.

Why use a Union Jack Treble Bet Calculator?

There are a handful of reasons as to why you should use a Union Jack Treble Bet calculator. Like we have already touched upon, the main benefit is that it can easily calculate the potential returns of this respective type of bet. If you were to do all of these calculations manually, this could be an extremely time consuming process due to the multiple selections and combination bets involved. However, by using the Union Jack Treble Bet calculator, this can save impressive amounts of time in both the long and short term. 

As well as this, it also ensures that the calculations made are accurate, adjusting automatically depending on the inputs you give it. This can give better overall insight in terms of a bet, allowing you to make more informed decisions and helping to minimise any potential costly mistakes. 

All of these benefits specifically relate to horse bettors due to this Union Jack Treble Bet calculator being tailored towards this sport and its corresponding markets. If you are not familiar with horse racing though, we also have compiled a comprehensive horse racing betting guide which breaks down everything in relation to this sport.

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However, if you are a bettor who wishes to potentially capitalise on the various different bonuses, promotions and free bets bookmakers regularly give out, then the Matched Betting Calculator could be the ideal option for you. By covering both outcomes of an event whilst using different bookmakers, you could potentially lock in a certain amount of profit. Due to the lay and back bets involved this can be a time consuming action, however, this is where the immense efficiency of this calculator comes in, automatically doing any calculations with just a few inputs being required by the user