Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator

Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator
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There is a great variety of sports betting methods to choose from when it comes to placing steaks on upcoming sports fixtures. One such popular betting method is the Union Jack Round Robin bet which incorporates multiple stakes on a number of sports fixtures. This betting format is made up of doubles, trebles and SSA (Single Stakes About) bets on the outcome of 9 separate fixtures.

The Union Jack bet gets its name from the pattern these selections make once the bettor has backed the outcome of 9 events displayed in a 3×3 grid. These selections are then broken up into 24 doubles, 8 trebles and 48 SSA bets resulting in 80 individual stakes in total. The Round Robin aspect of this betting method incorporates the SSA selection in these stakes; we’ll talk through the different bets that make up this format later.

Multi-stake betting methods can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to placing stakes that minimise the chance of losing. This is where tools like the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator at OddsMonkey can come in useful. Read on to find out more about how this tool can aid in placing stakes in the future.

What is a Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator? 

The Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator that we offer users on-site can be very useful in choosing the correct stakes before placing these bets. The calculator allows the user to input the various odds and stakes that make up their Union Jack Round Robin bet. This can then provide the user with a potential payout from each of the stakes included allowing them to play about with the stake options before placing the bet for real. The different odds available for stakes in many sports, from football to tennis, can be inputted into the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator to view the potential returns on offer. 

The Union Jack Round Robin bet consists of 24 doubles and 8 trebles that include combinations of 2 or 3 sides from the 9 different selections to win. The 48 SSA bets consist of betting on 2 separate sides in different fixtures that take place at different times. After the first bet pays out, the same stake is placed on the other bet in this format which could return a better payout than betting on these fixtures in a double. The 48 different SSA stakes in Union Jack Round Robin bets mean the user will have numerous chances of winning an initial payout before placing the second stake. 

The Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator can aid in organising the different bets included in this format before the fixtures begin. With so many different stakes making up this format and bets placed on fixtures of different times, this bet calculator can be sure the bettor has all of their stakes prepared before the fixture starts. Betting calculators are becoming increasingly popular for anyone that is looking to place multi-bet stakes with more people than ever using these bet formats.

Who can use a Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator? 

Anyone can make use of the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator before placing the different stakes that make up this popular format. The software is fully legal and free to use on most sites which can help bettors to get the most from their stakes. When choosing the stakes you wish to place, the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator can help to decide which stakes you wish to place by displaying the total potential of a bet. All of the betting calculators we offer, alongside the informative guides, are available to use on-site free of charge.

The betting calculator tools are a great way for newcomers to multi-stake bet formats to understand the various components and returns on offer. This allows bettors to place bets they have little or no experience with, fully aware of the odds and payout returns included.

Why Use a Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator?

We have mentioned a number of the positives of using this software when placing bets already. The most obvious advantage of implementing a bet calculator in future Union Jack Round Robin stakes is aiding in the calculations this bet involves. Like many other multi-stake bets, working out the best stake to place on all of the components included that provide the lowest losing potential can be difficult. This is where the Union Jack Round Robin bet calculator comes in, allowing the user to input the odds and stakes included in each part of this bet and provide the potential return. 

There are a number of advantages to including bet calculator tools in your future sports betting stakes. Bet calculators are particularly popular for bettors that use matched betting to cover all potential outcomes of a fixture.

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There is a large selection of bet calculator tools to look through at OddsMonkey to help organise any style of bet you wish to place. Suppose you are looking for a new way of placing stakes with great potential. In that case, the informative descriptions we offer on these various bet format calculators can help you find a new favourite method of betting!