Super Flag Bet Calculator

Super Flag Bet Calculator
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Super Flag betting is a form of sports betting that includes placing multiple stakes on at least 5 different sports fixtures. The various stakes and bet formats mean players could still win from a Super Flag Bet if some of their predictions are incorrect. 

The various stakes included in a successful Super Flag Bet make this format great for users looking to try out matched betting. The name of Super Flag Betting refers to the individual bets that make up this format; each stake is known as a Flag. Each bet or Flag in Super Flag betting includes 5 or 6 different predictions; these involve single bets, doubles, trebles and four-folds. Because of the various different stakes that each bet includes, if done correctly, Super Flag betting means that bettors only need 2 predictions to come true for them to potentially profit. 

The various bets in this format can get quite confusing when it comes to working out the stakes to place on each bet. However, this is where the Super Flag Bet calculator can come in handy by showing the user their potential returns from the odds and stake of each Flag placed.

What is a Super Flag Bet Calculator?

The Super Flag Bet calculator is a tool that can be useful when it comes to organising the various selections included in Super Flag betting and the stakes being placed. This software calculates the potential return from a Super Flag bet based on the odds of each Flag and the bet stakes being placed. This can be vital for bettors looking to place a Super Flag bet and wondering which potential profits are available from these stakes. 

The Super Flag bet calculator is vital for anyone looking to use this betting format, especially newcomers to betting with a large number of stakes. To ensure that Super Flag betting is as effective as possible, users will need to place all of the stakes in a timely manner before any of the odds fluctuate. The calculator is a way for bettors to organise their various stakes before any are placed so that all of the bets can be made across one or more websites at once. These bets can be based on multiple different sports, including football, rugby, cricket and more, making the Super Flag bet a great option for the majority of sports betting fans. 

Put simply, the Super Flag bet calculator is a tool to simplify the process of placing multiple stakes so as to ensure the best possible outcome for all bets in this format.

Who can use a Super Flag Bet Calculator?

This tool can be found online for members of sports betting sites like OddsMonkey or bought as a software program for private use. No matter the fixtures you have chosen to include in your Super Flag bet, the calculator can help to simplify calculating the stakes you can place and potential returns on offer. 

The Super Flag bet calculator is one of the many devices available to aid in your betting methods at OddsMonkey. If you want to try out a new betting format on upcoming sports fixtures, the calculators we provide are a great way of ensuring the stakes placed make losing funds as unlikely as possible. 

Why use a Super Flag Betting Calculator? 

There are many advantages of using a Super Flag bet calculator on any stakes you are looking to place in the future. The most obvious reason to use a bet calculator is related to the maths included in these large bets with multiple components and odds. Knowing the potential returns from each Flag in this bet can help the user to decide on the stakes they would like to place, ensuring a greater chance of breaking even or profiting. 

A Super Flag bet calculator can be extremely useful when it comes to users wishing to take advantage of the free bet credits that many online gambling sites offer. These free bets may come as part of a joining bonus for new members of an online bookmaker or a promotional offer for any popular sports fixtures coming up. Users can decrease the potential of losing their own funds by placing one of the Flags with a free bet that is offered to them. 

More Betting Calculators at OddsMonkey

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Whether you are looking to make use of a betting calculator to calculate the betting odds and returns on offer or to minimise the chances of losing, they certainly simplify sports betting. If you are looking to implement a matched betting strategy using bonus offers on different betting sites, the Super Flag bet calculator is certainly worth using!